Car Customization and Installation

Turn the Streets into Your Stage with Striker Lights

Get ready to ignite a transformation that will leave others in awe with Striker Lights. Our car customization shop in Kaukauna WI is a destination for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Our latest customizations will take your ride to new heights, with endless possibilities. From sleek and sexy custom car lights to heart-racing performance modifications, we're here to guide you on this journey of making your mass-produced car stand out from the rest. Are you ready to make the road your personal runway? Let's rev up the engine and drive to the beat of your ultimate dream ride. With Striker Lights, you'll turn heads and capture hearts on your drive.

new car with upgraded lights

Illuminate Your Identity with Custom Lighting

The right lighting isn't just about seeing and being seen; it's about making a bold statement. Striker Lights crafts custom car or truck lights that reflect your unique style, from menacing headlights that command attention to tail lights that leave a lasting impression. Our underglow that sets the streets aglow and rock lights that add an electrifying pulse to your ride's heartbeat. Our lighting installations are the first step toward making your car not just a mode of transport, but a landmark.
new truck with upgraded lights

Elevate Performance to Legendary Status

Performance isn’t just what you see on the dash; it’s the vibe, the rhythm, the unspoken bond between you and your machine. At Striker Lights, we get that. We're here to dial in that connection, making your ride sing with performance upgrades that pump up the heart and soul of your beast. Think engine mods that whisper secrets of power, exhaust systems that roar with pride, and ECU tuning that sharpens every reflex. It’s not just about boosting stats; it’s about crafting a ride that moves as one with your pulse, responding to every nudge, every push, every command with precision and zeal.
new car with upgraded lights

Aerodynamics and Suspension: Sharpening Your Edge

Picture this: Your ride, not just moving, but slicing through the air with the kind of swagger only aerodynamics and suspension tweaks can bring. We’re talking about mods that not only drop jaws but also drop lap times. Aerodynamic mods streamline your car, making it slip through the wind like it's coated in butter, while our suspension setups ensure your car hugs curves like a high-speed embrace. It’s not just driving; it’s commanding the road with a presence that’s as undeniable as gravity.

Extended 1-Year Warranty: The Striker Seal of Confidence

With every flash and flicker of your custom lights, feel the pulse of our 1-year extended warranty—a Striker Lights handshake that says, “We got you.” This isn’t just about lighting up your ride; it’s about lighting up your confidence. Knowing that your back’s covered with our stamp of quality lets you hit the streets with a peace of mind that’s as clear as your bright, new LEDs. It's our nod to you, ensuring that every illuminated mile is backed by our support.

The Striker Lights Commitment

Embrace the Striker Lights experience, where passion for cars meets the pinnacle of customization. Our promise? A seamless journey from first contact to the final reveal. With faster lead times, a straightforward quote process, and expert installations, we're here to ensure your car customization dreams are realized with precision and flair. And with our 1-year warranty, your confidence will match the quality and durability of our work.

Your ride deserves more than the ordinary—it deserves to be legendary. With Striker Lights, you're not just upgrading your car; you're elevating your entire driving experience. From awe-inspiring custom lights to peak performance modifications, let's make every street your stage. Ready to transform your vehicle into a masterpiece of automotive art? Contact Striker Lights today, and let the journey begin. Because in the world of car customization, only one name ensures your ride is truly illuminated: Striker Lights.